What we do

At Greymax Capital we offer a return to true relationship bridging.

You deal directly with the principals and underwriters which cuts through delays and keeps lines of communication clear and swift.

We understand property and its many intricacies. We lend where others retreat!

As a lender with experiences on both sides of the transaction, we wanted to bring back true relationship lending, the way it used to be. Due to the mass of institutional funding now flowing into the bridging sector, the underwriting process for most lenders is now a box ticking exercise with no real ability to accept anything that doesn’t satisfy a strict criteria. This removes speed and agility away from a market that used to be defined by those attributes. It’s essentially become an expensive short term mortgage.

We (Ben Sokel and Michael Kingsley) are the principals and underwriters of this business. We deal directly with our brokers, borrowers and solicitors to ensure we are able to offer a simple and streamlined path to a drawdown of funds. 

Our background as property buyers/agents/developers gives us a unique perspective and understanding of the many issues that would prevent a fixed criteria lender from proceeding.